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Tara Broderick

Massapequa, NY
  • Tara Broderick in the photo 1
  • Tara Broderick in the photo 2

I was in a skiing accident when I was young and tore my ACL. I had surgery to repair it but my growth plate was affected so as I grew, my tibia grew in a deformed way. As I became older, the stability in my knee worsened and I could no longer do the things I enjoyed, which included a daily yoga practice. My knee was constantly giving out and I would easily fall.

I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon at HSS who referred me to Dr. Fragomen. Dr. F is SIMPLY THE BEST!!! He is warm, caring, thorough, and funny too! He took his time with each visit and never rushed me. He understood my problem, answered all my questions and when he explained the surgical solution, I felt light headed. Limb lengthening...Breaking bone...External fixator....Pin care?!?!? I had to let the whole procedure sink in. At the same time, I was grateful for a solution and made the decision to move forward with an Osteotomy, which took place in September of 2015. The surgery was a success! My body was able to generate new bone which gave me the length and correction I needed.

I had my fixator removed in January of 2016 and began my rehabilitation process. I took a holistic approach to my both my recovery & rehabilitation, which Dr. F supported. I had the help of wonderful friends and family, which is tremendously important for anyone considering a surgery like this. It's been an incredible journey filled with challenges and blessings. Dr. Fragomen has been a big part of a year of changes for me. A new leg, new job, new house, and in December I will have my 500 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification. I wouldn’t change a thing and I wake up every morning with gratitude.