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Tali Berk

Brooklyn, NY
  • Tali Berk in the photo 1

I had a truly amazing experience at HSS. When I had surgery for my herniated disc, I was up on my feet the day of and I felt better almost immediately afterwards. The actual work, however, came after I was able to get back to training. Pre-surgery, I was (and currently am) an avid soccer player who played club and is going to play in college, so I knew that I had to take my post-op physical therapy seriously. I have never been treated in a more efficient and fun way than I was at HSS. Going in for PT didn't feel like a task or a hassle because I knew that everything I was going to do in there was going to be challenging and testing, but productive and helpful. I was treated like an adult and an equal with a level of transparency and respect that I had not gotten at a lot of other PT practices, being a young adult. I am now back to sport after a couple of months and I am feeling 100% or even 120% from where I was pre-surgery and PT. Even one of my coaches told me that I look like an entirely new player, and I credit a lot of that to the work and motivation that I got done because of the PT I received at HSS.