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Suzanne Gardner

New Brunswick, NJ
  • Suzanne Gardner in the photo 1

I first injured my knee in college playing volleyball. At that time it was misdiagnosed so it was never repaired correctly. After many years of more surgeries, braces and “chemical” fixes I could no longer deal with the pain with every day activities or my job as a firefighter. I thought that if I received a total knee replacement I would have to give my career up as a firefighter, so I put off getting my knee replaced for years and dealt with the pain. Dr. Della Valle was recommended to me through a friend. From my first appointment/consultation I knew I was going to have my knee replacement at HSS and have Dr. Della Valle do the surgery. He assured me I would be able to return to work given that I follow all of the rehab protocols. So on May 25th, I had a total knee replacement on my right knee. I won’t lie, the rehab was a difficult and demanding one, but here I am 7 months later back to full duty as a firefighter. My entire experience at HSS was professional and delightful. The organization and competency of the staff at ALL levels is remarkable. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Della Valle and HSS to anyone who needs the care that I did.