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Suzann Salerno

Brooklyn, NY
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"Listen to what your body is telling you; go at your own pace; don't overexert; slow deliberate stretches bring slow deliberate results." These are a few credos of the Hatha yoga I have practiced for many years. Yoga stresses diligence, patience, perseverance, determination and tenacity, all of which helped my mind and body when I was diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis in 2013 at age 50. I was otherwise healthy, fit, followed a good diet and the daughter of a mother who never drove so we walked everywhere together. I had both my hip replacements at Hospital for Special Surgery: the first in 2014 and the next in April 2018.

I am very glad I had both hip replacements done and am thankful to be able to continue practicing yoga. In addition to many other mind and body benefits, yoga keeps the spine and joints flexible. Each of these hip replacements has helped me continue daily to do some of my favorite yoga poses: Cobra, Cow's Head, Lotus, Tree, Plow and the Warrior, to name a few.

Thanks to Dr. Sculco, his staff and Hospital for Special Surgery. I'm so very grateful and humbled to say I'm not only Back in the Game, but we're also lifelong friends.