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Susie Fabricant

Madison, CT

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is an amazing place. Everyone is kind and helpful the minute you walk through the door, and I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Fufa for extreme hand pain. She identified my condition immediately as basal joint arthritis and spent the better part of a year with me patiently attempting alternative solutions prior to surgery. I totally appreciated her conservative approach. Once it became apparent surgery would be the best option, Dr. Fufa clearly laid out the procedure, and her prediction of the outcome was right on target. The pain would be alleviated, but it would not be the hand I was born with. I went from severe hand pain with limited to no use of my hand to being pain-free with 80 to 90% use of my hand; I have gratefully returned to all the activities I love. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Fufa and her first rate staff of medical professionals and administrative staff.

You're the best!

Susie Fabricant