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Susan Mulhearn

New Canaan, CT
  • Susan Mulhearn in the photo 1

My story started 20 years ago at HSS. I saw Dr Hotchkiss for thumb arthritis. He removed a bone fragment from the base of my right thumb and restrung the thumb. The surgery was a huge success. I was fine until three years ago when I had a stress fracture in my left foot that healed incorrectly. I sought Dr. Andrew Elliot's help to repair the foot. He placed a plate in my foot and I have never had even one pain from it! The next year, I missed the last step on our staircase at home. I fell and suffered a nasty compound fracture of my right wrist. I was lucky enough to see Dr. Scott Wolfe. He saw me late one afternoon and suggested I have surgery the next day. During three hours of surgery, Dr. Wolfe painstakingly put the pieces back together and placed a six inch plate in the wrist. I had a few months of rehabilitation with an excellent hand therapist he recommended near my home in CT. The wrist is better now than before I broke it! Thank You Dr. Wolfe!!! My husband cannot believe how I can now do anything I want with the wrist, even at my advanced age of 68. I currently see Dr. Peter Moley for periodic injections to relieve sciatic pain. I visited with Dr Huang for an opinion about surgery for the chronic problem. I elected not to have surgery and to continue with Dr. Moley for the injections, the most recent was on September 10, 2015.

Thanks for EVERYTHING HSS!!!