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Susan Moynahan

Merritt Island, FL
  • Susan Moynahan in the photo 1

Having been afflicted with scoliosis and kyphosis since my early teen years, I thought I would just have to live with chronic pain all my life. However, as I entered midlife, and the pain got worse and I became more and more hunched over, I decided I wasn’t going to live that way. After researching treatments and consulting several doctors in my home state of Florida, I found Dr. Matthew Cunningham and Hospital for Special Surgery. What an incredible blessing! At my initial consultation Dr. Cunningham calmly and clearly explained all the options, and when I chose surgery, he was reassuring of my choice while preparing me for the significance of the procedure. The surgery went great, though the pain and discomfort was everything he warned me about, but Dr. Cunningham was there at each step in the follow-up to explain everything I was going through. Most importantly, he inspired 100% confidence in me that I was in the best possible hands. Equally important was his always cheerful assistant Tina Miller who handled every administrative detail from insurance authorizations to discharge to prescriptions with remarkable competence to make sure that I felt completely taken care of. I have had other surgeries before (two bouts with cancer), but no other hospital has ever addressed every patient need for physical comfort, emotional comfort and spiritual comfort the way Hospital for Special Surgery did – it is a complete team effort. All in all, I can’t say enough about the high quality of the overall experience. Hospital for Special Surgery was amazing. The rooms are beautiful, the nurses and other staff are uniformly great, even the food is good! If I ever had to have surgery again, it is the only place I would go.