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Susan McCormack

New York, NY
  • Susan McCormack in the photo 1
  • Susan McCormack in the photo 2

My story is a bit crazy. 2 years ago I had a left hip replacement at HSS, which was a anterior surgery by a different doctor. Recently, I urgently needed my right hip replaced. I went to see Dr. DiFelice & immediately he could see how desperate I was. My appointment was for Wednesday morning, and by that Friday I was in surgery! He preformed a posterior surgery. Both surgeries were great! I must add that if you are experiencing pain in your back, knees & hips, please seriously look into having this done. I am so happy now. I couldn’t be more thankful for his expertise & patience. Today, 6 weeks later, I am back to being me. I can walk, run, workout & do everything I used to take for granted.