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Susan Judge

Woodbury, CT
  • Susan Judge in the photo 1

It took me a long time, more than 10 years living with my knee, to finally come to terms that it was time for a knee replacement. After an injury more than 20 years ago, two meniscus surgeries, and years of injections, it was severally compromising my life. My right leg had become bowlegged and I limped when I walked, constantly looking down anywhere the footing was uneven for fear of catching my toe and falling. I was having trouble riding my horse as my knee pain was affecting my right side strength! My knee was so stiff I couldn't even ride the stationary bike at the gym. I met with several surgeons before I made the decision to have Dr. David Mayman replace my knee. He listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, and I immediately felt confident that he was the surgeon for me. So 12 weeks later I'm back in the saddle with no knee pain at all. I thought I would feel more fragile after, but not so I realize I felt that way before with my damaged knee. I now have a straight leg, walk with confidence and can ride my bike and it's only been 12 weeks. I am so happy I finally did it I should have done it years ago! Hospital for Special Surgery was so wonderful- all the nurses and physical therapist were fantastic! I am so grateful that this talented surgeon was able to give me this new knee, giving me back mobility and a lifestyle I had sorely missed.