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Susan Horn

Deer Park, NY
  • Susan Horn in the photo 1

As an RN for over 40 years who was accustomed to leading a very active life, I found myself in the position of patient. I spent a miserable year with pain so severe that I couldn't stand or walk. I visited a series of doctors who sent me for months of physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, epidural injections, medical massage and radio frequency ablation with no positive results.

I visited a surgeon who recommended a spinal fusion which I decided against.

Then I saw Dr. Cunningham, who completely understood my concerns. He recommended a laminectomy with decompression, which was completely successful. His entire staff was a pleasure to deal with: Tina, the surgical booker, Mickey, the scheduler, and his PA Brenda. Dr. Cunningham spent so much time with me, addressed my concerns, which were numerous. I appreciated his kindness, empathy and of course his surgical skills.

Every person that I came in contact with at HSS, including my anesthesiologist, OR nurse, recovery room nurse, floor nurses and physical therapist, was so kind. I'm very appreciative of all that everyone did for me. My recovery is going great. I just started physical therapy and I feel 100% better. I am looking forward to resuming my golf game in the spring!

In summary, after seeing numerous doctors over the course of a year and following their recommendations for all kinds of treatments I feel fortunate to have met Dr. Cunningham and received his skilled care.