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Susan Groner

Bedford, NY
  • Susan Groner in the photo 1
  • Susan Groner in the photo 2

Seven years ago after tearing the labrum in my left hip, I was referred to Dr. Moley who told me my best route was PT. He sent me to Rob Fay of Armonk PT, who had taken all the hip-related courses at HSS and was able to analyze my specific problems (minimal glute activation due to anteversion and hip dysplasia) and worked with me to strengthen muscles and reduce/eliminate pain.

About eight months ago I started to experience pain in the right hip so I went back to see Rob for more PT. After weeks of not much improvement, he suggested I see Dr. Moley, get new images and see what he could do. Dr. Moley fit me in quickly - on 1.25.21 (he's the best) - and upon examination, he was emphatic that it was time for a hip replacement. He told me he was surprised I'd lasted this long! I left with the recommendation to see Dr. Su for surgery (Rob Fay also recommended him and he'd replaced my mom's hip 5 years earlier). I saw Dr. Su on February 3rd and scheduled surgery for the first available time which was February 22nd.

I requested the first appointment and so by 9:30am, I was in recovery! The nurses were kind and understanding of my fear of IVs, and Dr. Kay, my anesthesiologist, worked his magic so there was no burning from the initial anesthesia! Everyone at the hospital was helpful and accommodating as well. And now for the best part! I was off cane in less than 3 weeks, walking over 2 miles. I was able to be on my Peloton (without much tension) within a week - and could ride for 60 minutes! At 3 and a half weeks, I was back working out with my trainer, now able to do squats, lunges, etc.! It's now been just over 5 weeks. I spent a week in Telluride, CO walking around 5 miles a day, including some hiking. I NEVER experienced any pain due to the surgery. A little discomfort and soreness, but NO PAIN! NONE!! It's like I never had surgery! And the incision is small and horizontal - near the bikini line too! I will have to have my left hip replaced as well, once I experience pain (x-rays make it clear). I won't be worried or anxious next time, thanks to Dr. Su and his team!