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Susan Fox

Madison, CT
  • Susan Fox in the photo 1

I was climbing up the front steps of my house, my arms full of groceries, when the shoe on my right foot snagged the threshold. Down I went. Groceries flew everywhere, my cell phone slid into the dining room and my glasses shot down the hall. I had never known such pain. Eventually, I realized that all I could do was crawl into the kitchen and wait for help.

Initially, I was diagnosed with a mild sprain. But weeks later, my foot wasn’t any better. I made an appointment with Dr. David S. Levine, an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital of Special Surgery. It was a six-hour round trip to see him, but I knew it would be worth it. Several years ago, Dr. Levine had operated on my father’s broken heel after dad fell down a flight of stairs.

When it was my turn to meet Dr. Levine, he put me at ease right away. He is the type of doctor who gives you all the facts. He held a model of a foot skeleton and described the repairs he would make, the minor risks involved and the healing process. He wanted to know about me – Did I have any special conditions?

Dr. Levine is skilled as a surgeon and as a communicator and has surrounded himself with an exceptional staff.

Thanks to Dr. Levine, I’m back on my foot.