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Susan Evans

Oceanport, NJ

After 6 years of neck pain, failed epidural blocks and a scary facet joint injection which left me in an emergency room intubated for 5 hours unable to breath on my own, I turned to the healing hands of Dr. Girardi. From the minute I walked into his office, I knew I was in the right place. The care and time he and his staff take with each patient is a beautiful thing. Being terrified after previous experiences, I immediately felt at ease and knew that I could trust Dr. Girardi to put my pain to rest, so on May 17, 2018 I had a 3 level spinal fusion and finally had feeling in my arm and fingers again! The care didn't stop with just Dr. Girardi - the nurses, PAs and physical therapists at HSS were attentive and on top of everything and anticipated each move before I made it! Now 6 months post-op, I am back at the gym, enjoying my teaching job again and loving all of the things that I did before the pain in my neck took over and kept me from living my life!

Thank you Dr. Girardi and HSS, I wouldn't hesitate to entrust you again with me or any family member!