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Susan Donner

Clifton, NJ
  • Susan Donner in the photo 1

I went to Dr. Strauss regarding my bunions after seeing a podiatrist in NJ. The podiatrist in NJ told me there was nothing to do but operate. He didn't take an x-ray or examine me. I was disgusted by this doctor and found Dr Strauss at HSS.

He looked at the feet, took an x-ray and then sat down to discuss my options. Unfortunately, I broke my toe a few weeks ago so the bunions were put on hold. Of course, Dr Strauss is taking care of the break. Dr. Strauss is one of the best, if not the best, doctor I have seen. I asked the woman in his office what it is like to work for him and answered in one word - “AMAZING”!

HSS is the best hospital with the best doctors.