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Susan Cohen

New York, NY
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For two years I suffered severe pains in my thigh and right leg. I was not able to walk any distance. I could not stand at a counter, shop in a store or carry on simple daily activities. My only relief was to sit. Golf, travel or even the simple act of walking my granddaughters to school was out of the question. I visited many doctors seeking help. I tried physical therapy, acupuncture and injections. Nothing worked! I did research and consulted with professionals to find a way to free myself from the constant pain. All the roads seemed to point to Hospital for Special Surgery. I was given the name of Dr. Andrew Sama by another physician who works at HSS. I brought my son (a gastroenterologist) with me to our consultation. After our meeting, my son remarked, "Go no further mom, I think you will be in very good hands". Indeed I was!

I can not believe how quickly I recovered. I never took pain medication. I was driving in two weeks. In four months I was on a cruise ship bound for Bermuda with my granddaughters. Shortly after that I visited Niagara Falls and Toronto with family. Six months later I was touring South Africa...walking, hiking, riding in a helicopter over Victoria Falls and bouncing over rough terrain in safari vehicles. I resumed golf and recently had my best score ever. Three weeks ago I returned from a month-long trip to Vietnam and Cambodia where I rode on a motor bike for the first time in my life.

I have wanted to write to Dr. Sama many times to thank him for giving me my life back, but I have been too busy enjoying that life. Thank you for the opportunity to honor Dr. Sama and his fine staff.