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Susan Carrick

Jersey City, NJ
  • Susan Carrick in the photo 1

I have had knee pain and a Baker's cyst behind my knee for 15 years, although was always very active. I work in the fitness industry and knew I would need a knee replacement in my lifetime. In 2017 my knee really took a turn for the worse. It was pain I could no longer ignore. A colleague recommended physical therapy at HSS, Bob Turner. I was hoping some PT would help, which it did, but not enough. Bob recommended that I consult with a surgeon. I had partial knee replacement surgery on October 4th 2018 with Dr. Nawabi. It was the first surgery I have ever had! I was very nervous. Everyone at HSS was so wonderful. I really can’t say enough good things. The first three months after surgery was not easy. I was in pain and had a lot of swelling. However, after surgery even with the pain and swelling I started to increase my range of motion. And my Baker's cyst was gone! I was militant in my recovery and followed all guidelines. I ate a clean, healthy diet with lots of protein and anti-inflammatory foods. I am a vegan so I already ate lots of veggies. I did my PT exercises every day and drank lots of water. I had a hard time mentally being comprised and not being able to do what I wanted. Three months post surgery I was back to almost normal works outs. Just easier versions of workouts I used to do. 6 months post-surgery I was really back. Doing cardio, advanced Pilates, yoga, HIIT training classes, cycling classes and other kinds of high impact workouts. I am doing workouts I have not been able to do in 10 years! It is now almost 8 months since my surgery and I am feeling great. I went paddleboarding the other day! My knee is stiff at times and also a little achy. But no pain! Not being in pain is amazing! Recovery is a fight and one has to take it seriously and make it a priority. If I don’t workout I feel worse. Moving is key. I have no regrets! I wish I had the surgery a year earlier.