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Susan Bernstein

Basking Ridge, NJ
  • Susan Bernstein in the photo 1

Fitness and exercise have always been important to me, and no matter what I always made time in my life to work out, go for a run, get to the gym, etc. In July of 2012, after a long bike ride, I had a deep pain in my groin on my right side. No matter what I did- ice, rest, stretching, etc, it wouldn't go away. I worked around it, and tried to avoid doing anything that would aggravate it further. In March after going for a run, I was sitting on the floor with my dogs and realized I couldn't stand up! I had major pain and no strength in my right hip. I saw a doctor in NJ and had an MRI, and was diagnosed with a torn labrum.

I was scheduled to have surgery, but as I did my research I kept hearing more and more about Dr. Kelly. He seemed to be the best doctor on the east coast for this procedure, so I really wanted to see him. After meeting him, I was so impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and how thoroughly he examined me. He did many differential tests and determined that I had two different pathologies in my hip that were causing the pain. He then expedited my surgical date, since at this point I was limping and was so limited as to what I could do in my daily life. Everything was painful- driving, walking my dogs, climbing stairs, etc.

I had surgery on May 15, 2013. I underwent a lot of physical therapy and did my exercises diligently, every single day. It was a long recovery but 8 months later, my hip was 100% back to normal. I remember skiing on New Years Day, and I was thrilled (and shocked) that my hip was strong and pain free. Today I can do everything I want- run, Spin, hike, bike, or just keep up with my 3 teen age boys! I am so grateful for Dr. Kelly and the world class care I received at HSS. His office staff was phenomenal- they walked me through everything I 'd need to know before, during, and after my surgery. They were there for me every step of the way, and I would never trust my orthopedic needs to anyone other than the amazing doctors at HSS. Thank you Dr. Kelly!!