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Susan Berger-Jones

Brooklyn, NY
  • Susan Berger-Jones in the photo 1
  • Susan Berger-Jones in the photo 2

I had a trimalleolar fracture of my left ankle on April 17, 2021. I had no idea that my injury was a big deal. I had fallen down only 2 steps in my own backyard. I was very lucky to be referred to Dr. Behrens and his PA Meagan Murtagh. They were fantastic, helpful and giving people. I took my recovery one step at a time. I am an avid hiker and love rowing, snow shoeing, skiing. In the beginning I learned to take pleasure in simple things, such as putting weight on the broken foot and taking (very slow) walks. People I had never met stopped me on my walks (with crutches) to tell their own story. A man in a car shouted out, "Don't you let anyone rush you! Take your time." Little by little, the ankle has been healing. It is now October 2021. Sometimes I get frustrated, but accomplishments do take work to achieve. This journey has given me a real appreciation of being human. In a few more months I will be able to hike again, but I will not fall down the garden steps!