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Susan Adiletta

Bronxville, NY

I came to HSS and Dr. Gomoll after having spent over 12 months with an orthopedist at another hospital. Being exasperated with the inability to "fix the problem" so that I could get back to running, HSS was where I needed to be. In one visit, Dr. Gomoll put a plan together for meniscus surgery, made me feel very comfortable and confident in the surgery and recovery and with his capabilities as a surgeon.

The surgery went off perfectly with little to no pain or swelling afterward. After completing the PT plan Dr. Gomoll put together for me, he guided me through a "get back to running" program and just like that, I'm back to running!

I am confident that had I stayed with the first orthopedist and her recommended surgeon, I would not have had such a good outcome. I would recommend HSS and Dr. Gomoll without hesitation.