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Stuart Stevens

Stowe, VT
  • Stuart Stevens in the photo 1

I'm a long time endurance athlete (marathons, long cross country ski races, ultra-distance bike events) and developed issues with my left knee. I tried meniscus trim with a non-HSS provider. which did not help. I saw Dr. Pearle and he indicated I was a good candidate for a partial knee replacement. I was very impressed with time he spent with me, discussion of options, possible outcomes, etc.

I had surgery in June of 2018. Eight weeks later I hiked Mt. Washington in NH. Fourteen weeks later, I hiked to bottom of Grand Canyon and back. Zero pain. It was a miracle. Before I was limping through airports. I had a full season cross country racing, including 450 Km. event skiing border to border across Finland. I could not have been happier with outcome and the entire process. Feel like I have been given a tremendous gift.