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Stuart Altman

Jericho, NY
  • Stuart Altman in the photo 1

This is the Mecca of orthopedics!

I am a physician, and came to Dr. McLawhorn and HSS because of their terrific reputation, and because of Dr. McLawhorn's experience with anterior hip replacement.

To make a long story short: I was walking around the block 24 hours after I walked into the hospital. No crutches, no wheelchair. A cane? Gone in 2 weeks! Pain meds? Acetaminophen! Back to work? 3 weeks (I could have gone back in two)! I was treated royally by everyone, as was my wife.

I am now almost 2 years post-op and have no pain or limitations to my activity. I work full-time and, on nice days, ride my bicycle to work and back, 8 miles a day.

Thank you HSS and thank you Dr. McLawhorn.