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Steven O'Riley

Guilderland, NY
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The day before leaving for a 2-week family vacation I was traveling on the expressway rushing to return home when I changed lanes and drove into a gigantic yellow front end loader at 65 - crushing the front driver's side around my left leg. After being extracted it was determined I had a broken leg as well as compartment syndrome and spent the next 30 days in the hospital fighting infections from surgery as well as the closing of wound. After 6 months recoup and all devices removed, I still could tell something was not right. My left leg started to bow and the pain was terrible. I continued to see the area specialist but they would not touch my leg in fear of infection spreading within my body.

On my 1st visit to Dr. Fragomen, he looked at the x-ray and determined my tibia plateau fracture had never healed and the bones were rubbing against each other and had shorten my leg. He stated that this was an easy fix and we never looked back. After 3 months with the external fixator limb lengthener I walked out of HSS a new man - ready to get Back in the Game. I am more active than ever thanks to Dr. Fragomen and all the experts at HSS!