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Steven Gold

Hewlett, NY
  • Steven Gold in the photo 1

Dr. James Wyss not only got me back in the game, he saved my life. He got me back in the game from my severe case of sciatica. It was so severe that I felt like a knife was cutting through my calf muscle. I was unable to stand or walk with a walker and needed a wheelchair. I saw Dr. Wyss for a consult and after an MRI, I subsequently received a call from him a day later. He advised me that the MRI revealed a mass was present on my kidney on the opposite side of my body.

Thanks to Dr. Wyss, I was referred for follow up to a kidney surgeon. Exactly one week later, Dr. Wyss performed an epidural that resulted in 100% instant alleviation of my excruciating sciatic pain. 3 weeks later I had a partial nephrectomy. I am now cancer free 1 1/2 yrs later. I can tell you that in the words of Lou Gehrig, "Today I consider myself the Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth", that is, thanks to Dr. James Wyss. All I can say is thank you to Dr. Wyss for getting me back in the game of LIFE.