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Steven Ginsberg

East Brunswick, NJ

In college I had blown out my ACL. My doctor at the time only cleaned up the injury, but did not repair the ACL. I had continued to be active and even took up running and completed the NYC Marathon. Unfortunately, I had a lot of movement in the knee and this caused my cartilage to deteriorate over the next 30 years. By the time I finally consulted with Dr. DiFelice, he could see a pretty decent amount of bowleggedness due to deteriorated cartilage. He recommended a partial knee replacement and he would try to clean up my damaged ACL. I had the surgery on September 28th. Dr. DiFelice indicated the surgery went well and he was able to tighten up the ACL so my knee would be more stable. I did outpatient physical therapy, bought a Peloton bike and continued at home. I assumed I would have to write off the ski season, but at my December follow up appointment I got the great news that all looked good and I could snowboard! I got in five days with no issues. While I'm not hitting the parks I am able to keep up with friends on black diamond runs! I have had no pain in the knee even though I have snowboarded and become an avid cyclist (including a 41 mile outdoor ride five months post surgery)!