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Steven Fier

Armonk, NY
  • Steven Fier in the photo 1

I first felt pain in May 2017 but there was still some cartilage left when I visited HSS. After a grueling 20-day hike in Southeast Asia, I knew it was time to replace my hip. I wanted to be ready for skiing February 1, 2018. I had my surgery on Halloween 2017 and was walking the next day and was back in the gym in 3 weeks doing physical therapy and regaining my upper body strength. Once New Years rolled around, I started on the stationary bike and elliptical and was hiking 1-2 miles per day. I was given a fairly aggressive program to follow from my PT. Lots of stretching and balance work. On February 2nd, 2018, 92 days after surgery I was skiing at Alta, Utah. A few days later, I was skiing the tram at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. No pain, skied a bit slower than usual but skied 6 days.