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Steven Bernstein

Wantagh, NY
  • Steven Bernstein in the photo 1

My surgeon, Dr. Matthew Cunningham, and PA Brenda Chalen are outstanding! But this story is about someone else. Her name is Janice Matthew-Williams, but everyone knows her as Micki. She is the first person I met when I came to visit HSS and Dr. Cunningham. You can call her a receptionist, but I think the better name for her is ambassador. In 2018, I came to HSS with anxiety regarding possible spine surgery. I met Micki and she immediately made me feel like a member of the family. She has such a relaxed way of speaking to people that I have decided to confer upon her a special title: Henceforth, Micki should be know as Dr. Micki Williams, PhD. Her doctorate? She is a Doctor of Relaxology. She makes everyone she meets feel so much more relaxed. This is difficult to do given the serious nature of the business. Micki just has a way about her that makes people smile. When I think of my first HSS experience, it is always Micki that comes to mind. Management, if you are listening, you are not paying her enough!