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Steve Terracciano

New York, NY
  • Steve Terracciano in the photo 1

Before I found Dr. Positano, I was being improperly treated. My plantar plate tendon tear injury became worse, and surgery was recommended as a necessary next step. When I stepped into Dr. Positano's office for my initial consultation, I knew I would continue working with him. His complete confidence in my full recovery, without surgery, gave me hope. I trusted him completely and after following his comprehensive multi-faceted treatment, both in office and home care regimens, my foot gradually healed and I am back to my active life. I engage in ALL of my athletic and outdoor recreational activities (hiking in the McDowell Mtns. of Phoenix posted here), and the pain in my foot is gone! But Dr. Positano doesn't stop there. His care is meticulous. He gives me full attention, and treats me like a complete person, not just a foot. I see him only quarterly now, because he cares enough to make sure I don't have a recurrence. His staff is very friendly and professional, and I highly recommend seeing him before considering foot surgery. Thanks Rock and staff, for all you've done to get me BACK IN MY GAME! - Mille Grazia, con molts gratitudine, Steve