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Steve Singer

New York, NY
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I'm a professional drummer and percussionist in New York City. One morning I was on the subway, on the way to my studio to do some practicing. I was holding onto the rail above my head with my left arm, when suddenly the train lurched and a man fell into me, dislocating that arm out of the shoulder socket. I'd had this happen many years prior in the gym, so the severe pain reminded me what it was. I couldn't use my left arm and the intense pain was like an electric shock coursing through it.

I went to the nearest urgent care walk-in, where they confirmed it was dislocated. Not like I needed confirmation - the pain told me all I needed to know. I was advised to go to the nearest ER, which turned out not to be the best option. It turned out that since it was St. Patrick's Day the ER was full of patients, many of whom seemed were suffering from self-induced injuries. They tried to put my arm back in its place, everything from three burly men literally forcing it into place, to two doctors tying liter-bottles of spring water to the arm as I lay on my stomach, hoping the weight would pull the arm back to where it belonged. Ten hours later it was back in, or so I thought. Two days later, it became dislocated again, and again once a month for the next four months.

At this point, on the third dislocation, I went to a better source. I went to See Dr. DiFelice at HSS. He had me get an MRI and saw the damage, the widening of the shoulder socket, a labrum tear and the minor bone fractures there. He said it should be repaired if it comes out again.

Well, a month later it did come out again, and he said I needed surgery to fix it once and for all. Being a musician, I'd be out of commission for about 3-4 months, but it needed to be done. After the surgery, Dr. DiFelice said it was pretty bad in there, but he was able to repair it and I should be just fine after a few months of physical therapy. I faithfully did the PT and, as he predicted, I was just fine and soon back to playing on Broadway.

The next thing I knew I was playing a hospital benefit in a band led by the guitarist, my surgeon, Dr. DiFelice!!!