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Steve Goldfarb

Brooklyn, NY
  • Steve Goldfarb in the photo 1
  • Steve Goldfarb in the photo 2

Running is my “passion” and I am a dedicated runner having completed 23 marathons yet I had been suffering with severe lower back pain that was getting progressively worse for several years. My fear was that my increasing back pain would no longer allow me to run. My hope was that this pain could be corrected and I decided to seek out medical help. The first doctor I visited prescribed pain medication which was not helpful. The second told me that I needed spinal surgery but that my running days would be over. The third was a pain management doctor whose various procedures did not help me. I finally was referred to and made an appointment with Dr. Sheeraz Qureshi at HSS. Dr. Qureshi reviewed my medical records and images and knew exactly what surgical procedures were needed to be done to help correct my spinal problems and help alleviate my lower back pain. Unlike the other surgeons I had visited, Dr. Qureshi said that the surgery would help alleviate my pain and I would be able to resume my running post-surgery. Dr. Qureshi performed my spinal fusion surgery in late November of 2018. I am happy to say that he was correct about both my pain relief and my ability to resume running. Happily I just completed the Brooklyn Half Marathon and I successfully ran the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon in November with my son. Dr. Qureshi and his entire staff were very helpful and supportive and I am now “Back in the Game”!