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Steve Brunetti

Bozrah, CT
  • Steve Brunetti in the photo 1

From age forty to sixty nine, the degenerative disc disease I had progressed to the point where I could hardly walk. The previous fusions proved to be temporary fixes. My spine, though I didn't realize, was deformed and the pain was disabling. HSS came highly recommended for treating spine conditions. Dr. Sama and the entire HSS staff far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Sama is a caring and exceptionally skillful spine surgeon. He reconstructed my spine from the sacrum to T10. It has been one year since the surgery and I am able to walk and engage in daily activities freely with out restrictive pain. The recovery was not without its challenges; pain from the incision, muscles adapting to a newly configured spine, recovering from an eleven and a half hour surgery, etc. Dr. Sama had informed me of the recovery expectations. The care I received in the hospital and after during my recovery was exemplary. I am a grateful patient.