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Stephen Zammarchi

New York, NY
  • Stephen Zammarchi in the photo 1

I was suffering from severe arthritis in my big toe. I never knew what part of my daily routine would trigger the pain. It could be as simple as putting on a shoe, stepping down at the wrong angle, walking up the subway stairs, or maneuvering through an airport on one of my many business trips. It was debilitating. I consulted with my GP and he said "go see Andrew - he's the best in NYC."

I went to see Dr. Andrew Elliott. He walked me through my condition (metatarsophalangeal arthritis) and my medical options. He was clear and concise, which made the decision to have my big toe joint fused easy. For the last nine years I've had 100% mobility--something I thought I'd never get back. Once again I can walk 18 holes on the golf course, run on a treadmill, and go for long walks with my wife--all without a hint of pain or discomfort. I want to thank Dr Elliott and his team for putting a spring back in my step.