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Stephen Roma

Naples, FL

About three months ago I started feeling sharp pains in my neck, back and arm coupled with weakness in my hand's grip strength. I met with Dr. Qureshi and after an exam and review of my MRI he informed me I had a herniated disc in my neck. Dr. Qureshi took great care in explaining the procedure such that I fully understood what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. I felt totally comfortable as it all made perfect sense. Two weeks later Dr. Qureshi performed an ACDF procedure. I am 71, work out regularly and I love to play Pickleball 5-7 days a week. My big question after surgery was how long before I can play Pickleball? Dr. Qureshi told me to see how I feel in a few weeks and if I feel good then try it. I am thrilled to say that I was back on the courts playing two weeks to the day. THANK YOU Dr. Qureshi!