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Stephen Conway

Sandy Hook, CT
  • Torn/Ruptured Foot/Ankle Tendon

During the summer of 2015, I was training really hard as it was going to be a big year for me as far as soccer. After one of my workouts in late June of 2015, I was playing pickup basketball with a few friends where I hurt my right foot badly. The local orthopedist diagnosed it has a bone bruise and possible cracked bones, and told me I would be OK. Fast forward a few weeks later and I found out I had a torn lisfranc ligament in my right foot. The first doctor I visited to seek an opinion on the injury told me that I would be on crutches for three months and that I would not be able to run for a full year. The second doctor presented me with a similar time frame. I was absolutely crushed that this injury could potentially end my playing career. Then, my parents decided to take me to HSS where I met Dr. Levine and his PA Dr. Pearson. They gave me a much quicker timeframe for recovery, but more so were extremely helpful, understanding, and caring about my injury and my desire to get back onto the field. I had such a better feeling walking out of HSS that initial visit then the previous two opinions. I ended up getting surgery in August of 2015, and even though I missed both my fall and spring seasons, I was able to come back the next year and play at full strength. Throughout the whole recovery process HSS and Dr. Levine could not have been more helpful and accommodating, and I will be forever grateful. Recovering from this injury was one of the hardest if not hardest thing I have ever had to overcome both physically and mentally, but it was made so much easier because of the efforts of Dr. Levine and the folks at HSS. Thank to them, I’m looking forward to continuing playing soccer and baseball next year. This was all made possible because of my experience at HSS, and as I said earlier, I will forever be grateful.