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Stephen Celentano

Brooklyn, NY
  • Stephen Celentano in the photo 1
  • Stephen Celentano in the photo 2

Dr. Vigdorchik made a commitment to me - to get me back to playing with my grandchildren. He listened to my concerns. His strategy is patient-specific surgery that is cutting-edge. With the assistance of his anesthesiologist Dr. Stephanie Cheng’s unique procedure, my recovery was seamless, progressive and pain-free. A professional, gentleman’s gentleman but more importantly a surgeon’s surgeon. Dr. V.’s PA, Nikki Fein, is deeply involved in the patient’s pre- and post-op results. With the entire HSS administrative/medical/surgical staff being beyond compassionate and so personalized, they made me feel as if I was their only patient. Dr. V’s practice manager, Lisa Pugliese, is the sweetest, knowledgeable hand holder that every patient needs.

Dr. V. succeeded in his commitment. Just look at the photo. Listen to HSS and your body. You will be surprised of your rapid recovery. GOD BLESS Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik, his team and HSS.

April 25, 2024:

On Dec. 6, 2023, I had a left hip replacement at HSS by Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik and team. This procedure was pain-free and beyond successful. In the best interest to be transparent for my surgeon as well as accessibility to my progress reports and their reputation, I chose HSS Brooklyn for physical therapy. From the first and subsequent phone calls for appointments, I would speak with the receptionist as he is the first voice. He spoke to me in an energetic friendly manner and was always accommodating to my schedule. I was consistently greeted by him with a smile when I checked in for my session. An initial evaluation was conducted by Nancy Ng who was detailed, professional, definitive, compassionate and personal. Her task was to determine my physical stature for a patient specific rehabilitation program. Nancy was firm but considerate of my hip replacement. She assumed nothing. In relation to her responsibility, her knowledge is exceptional.

I was referred to William Sun to be my physical therapist. Although a personal program was designed to rehabilitate my hip, surrounding muscles as well as the rest of my body, he asked me what were my goals? He wanted to incorporate the program into my needs. It was not cookie cutter, as I observed other patients with hip issues later during my sessions. William listened to me and assisted not only in my physical rehabilitation but addressed my capabilities. I was never stressed or had my body in any uncompromising position. Anytime I asked a question, he didn’t give me an answer, he gave me the answer. He shared his technical knowledge when the situation called for it. It was always presented in a way that it was easy to understand, applied to what I was doing and to store for future reference. His personality is comforting, easy going but goal-oriented for me, the patient, to advance to a better place. He added additional unique programs to prepare me in achieving not only the program’s goal, but mine. He recognized my efficiencies as they were honed in on to strengthen with an extra effort on my deficiencies to rehabilitate. William wanted me to succeed and surpass where I thought I wanted to be. His approach of “EVER SO EASY” was comforting with each new challenge. An exercise plan was designed for me to succeed and continue progress long after my release. I looked forward to my sessions as they were exciting, challenging and motivating. He would acknowledge my progress to ensure me that I was getting closer to better mobility and balance. It was mind boggling to learn that William was a recent experienced hire. He fits right in with the HSS program so well that you would think he had tenure.

I am in a better place physically and mentally not only because of William’s expertise, but his heart. We were on the same page. It was a collective effort that surpassed both of our goals. Upon completing my rehabilitation, it is very obvious that from my initial encounter with HSS up to my PT release, all employees are in sync with the HSS mission statement - to provide the highest quality patient care, improve mobility and enhance the quality of life for all.