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Stephanie Kurfehs

Sea Girt, NJ
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I had severe pain and lack of mobility in my left knee. It was painful to walk and I couldn't fully bend or straighten it. I couldn't go up and down stairs and couldn't walk without limping. I had seen a few orthopedic doctors in my area over the past couple of years trying to find out what was wrong. Each doctor said my MRI didn't show anything in the report. They treated it with injections and PT that either didn't last or didn't work at all.

After being told by the last doctor to "just learn to live with it", I went to HSS.

I saw Dr. DiFelice and he thoroughly read the MRI himself. He found that I had "chondrocalcinosis". I had loose matter in my knee that was stopping it from bending and straightening. After the arthroscopic surgery it immediately felt better.

My husband and I had a cruise planned to Greece for our anniversary. We went on our trip 3 weeks post-op. If I hadn't gone to HSS, there is NO WAY I would have been able to walk and climb stairs as we toured Santorini as well as the many other sites we visited. We had a great time! Thank you Dr. DiFelice and HSS!