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Stephanie Gray

Hamden, CT

About a year and a half ago, I was having trouble with my left knee. It had been replaced in my late forties and had served me well for about 14 years. Unfortunately, I aggravated the knee and after having fluid removed and tested, it was determined to be very inflamed and possibly infected. I was an avid exerciser and this news meant only one thing- I wouldn't be able to race walk and continue to teach aerobics! After seeing my original surgeon and several highly recommended orthopedists, I became discouraged with one singular conclusion- I needed my prosthesis replaced as soon as possible. Even with debilitating pain, I was not ready to be out-of-commission. I had eight previous surgeries on the same knee and was not ready for another operation! Feeling very frustrated I decided to turn to the Internet. I looked up “top orthopedic doctors” and found Hospital for Special Surgery and Dr. David Mayman. After reviewing my case Dr. Mayman agreed to see me. He listened to my concerns with understanding and empathy and posed several options, one of which being a “redo” of my knee. Although I did have a total revision of my knee, Dr. Mayman was unbiased in his recommendations and in no way suggested what decision I should make. While I knew of the reputation of HSS I never considered it a possibility. I lived three hours away and I didn't know how all the particulars of going there for surgery and returning home for aftercare would work out-never stopping to think that people from all over the world go there for care. However, I wanted the best possible outcome. My choice to go with HSS and Dr. Mayman was carefully debated and also proved to be an effortless one. From the moment I decided to have surgery, the hospital literally took care of my every need. All arrangements were made from my pre-op visit to my physical therapy back home. I only had to think about resting up for surgery. With the advanced technology and care that HSS provides and expertise of Dr. Mayman I have had a remarkable recovery. I was moving, extending and flexing my knee the first day after surgery. I returned to work five weeks afterwards and although I am getting a little slower, I am back to walking three to five miles almost every day. I recently tore the meniscus in the right knee and prevailed on Dr. Mayman a second time with great results. While I don’t anticipate any surgical needs in the near future I know just where to go!