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Stephanie Edwards

Massapequa, NY
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Running is my passion. It's become even more important to me after I spent the summer of 2017 running across the United States with a cancer charity. However, once I got home, I began having intense knee and hip pain. I wound up at Dr. Rozbruch's office in October of 2017 for a consult to get femoral and tibial osteotomies with rod insertions in both legs. I had my right leg done in January 2018, my left leg done in April 2018, and I was back wakeboarding only three months after my second surgery. I got all the metal taken out of my legs in January 2019 and I'm back to running. I can honestly say I haven't been this pain-free my entire life. I was pretty nervous going into these surgeries, but Dr. Rozbruch and the team at HSS always kept me calm with their extensive knowledge and incredible bedside manner. I can't thank HSS enough for changing my life and helping me get back out there on the pavement to train for my next adventure!!