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Stephan Davis

New York, NY
  • Stephan Davis in the photo 1

In March of 2017, I fell skiing and dislocated my knee which also tore my ACL, MCL, medial and lateral meniscus, and patellar tendon. In April of that same year, Dr. Allen operated on that knee and by that following January I was able to ski again. This was incredible and I am very thankful for that. I couldn't believe how fast I was back to 100% and nothing proved that more than a dangerous play that happened while I was playing soccer recently. I went to clear the ball but at the time my foot of the leg you operated on landed on the ground, a teammate's cleat came and rammed the outside of my knee while my leg was straight and my cleats were dug into the turf. Both of us were at full sprint running towards one another. I went down in agony as my knee hurt a lot from the impact but when I stood up, there was no additional pain. My knee felt fine other than the blood/bruise on the side of it and I was able to not only walk away unscathed, but I was able to keep playing the game. This is about as traumatic of a knee collision I could possibly have in a soccer game, and it just proved once again that Dr. Allen and his staff did a fantastic job repairing my knee. I cannot recommend their team enough, they were extremely professional and I knew what to expect at every stage of the process.