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Stephanie Gould

Woodmere, NY
  • Stephanie Gould in the photo 1
  • Stephanie Gould in the photo 2

I had been feeling extreme hip and knee pain for several years. This was particularly prevalent after sports such as tennis and hiking, but even present after sitting for a lengthy period of time. The first orthopedist that I visited eventually diagnosed it as arthritis of the hip and recommended that I wait as long as possible before getting a hip replacement. He advised that I no longer play golf, tennis or ski after surgery. I asked him why do surgery if I could no longer do the activities I had enjoyed and he said I’d know when it hurt enough. When the pain was bad enough that I was willing to give up the activities that I enjoyed doing I decided to get a few opinions before surgery. After speaking with Dr. Padgett I knew he would be the right surgeon for me. Dr. Padgett assured me that I would be able to continue the activities I love in three to six months post op. I was thrilled and scheduled the surgery at HSS. The care I received at HSS was great. The surgery and recovery were uneventful. Dr. Padgett and his staff were amazing. I was walking that same day. Ten days later I drove to my physical therapy and quickly got back in shape. At my six week appointment I got permission to walk the golf course and do some pitching and putting. By three months I was playing eighteen holes. (I actually had an eagle on my first round post hip replacement.) I started back to doubles tennis shortly after and went skiing the following winter. More important I am now pain-free and able to truly enjoy these activities once more.