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Stefano Scaccia

Ossining, NY

I recently had hip surgery at HSS with Dr. Su and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Throughout this process, everyone I have interacted with at HSS has been friendly, professional and competent. Dr. Su performed a right hip resurfacing and I left the hospital the day of the surgery. I was at the hospital at 5:30 am, at 8:00 am I had the surgery, and at about 4:30 pm I left the hospital to go home. When I left the hospital I was feeling relatively well and certainly well enough to walk by myself from the parked car to my apartment, as you can see in the video. Furthermore, I never experienced much post-operative pain. The only time I took pain medication was the morning after surgery and I only needed Tylenol; I didn’t need anything stronger. The recovery has been fast and steady. Now, two months post surgery I feel great. Unfortunately ski season is just over otherwise I feel like I could easily ski. I already ride my bike very well and I can walk or hike for any number of miles without a limp or pain (both of which I had prior to the operation). I’m basically back in the game and it is only the beginning of month 3 post-op.