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Stefan Ratayak

Melville, NY

I first met Dr. Nawabi in March 2016 after I snapped my quad tendon. I picked Dr. Nawabi after reading about his qualifications, experience and excellent reviews. I found him to be very professional and his caring manner eased my concerns about the surgery. Dr. Nawabi arranged for immediate surgery and after rehabilitation I had a complete recovery with no pain and full use of the quad tendon.

In May 2017 I overexerted my right shoulder causing constant pain and limited movement. After seeing my local doctor, who sent me for physical therapy, my pain only got worse. I had an MRI, and the results showed numerous tears and damage to the rotator cuff. In July I contacted Dr. Nawabi who after reviewing the MRI scheduled surgery the following week. I had real concerns about the surgery after reading about numerous cases that either failed or had to have repeat surgeries. I knew Dr. Nawabi would do his best even though the damage was severe. He calmed my concerns and explained the surgery procedures. After the surgery I expected a lot of pain during recovery, but I only experienced some discomfort whilst trying to sleep and had no pain at the site of the surgery. I have had no pain in my shoulder since and I have now regained full use and movement of my shoulder. I cannot thank Dr. Nawabi and his staff enough for all their help in getting me back to normal.