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Stanley Bright

New Canaan, CT
  • Stanley Bright in the photo 1

I have been playing hockey for as long as I can remember. Then I was unable to play because of a fluke accident. I was playing in the driveway, and I broke my scaphoid bone. By the time it healed the doctors realized that the bones in my wrist were in the wrong place. This is when my parents went to HSS to see Dr. Wolfe. He was able to see me right away and made himself available to me many times over the next year. After lots of imaging, it appeared that in the original accident my ligaments had torn off the bones in my wrist. I was going to need surgery to repair them. I was still growing so he needed to use dissolvable “tacks” to re-attach the ligaments to my bones. Removable pins were also put into my wrist. After being in a full arm cast for a month, the pins were removed and I was put in a half cast for 4 weeks. I later proceeded to move into a removable cast while at the same time doing lots of physical therapy. After 8 months, 1 broken bone, 2 surgeries and a total of 10 casts, I was cleared to play hockey in my removable cast. After 12 months I was finally able to play cast free. Last summer I was chosen to represent Connecticut at the New England District Hockey Camp and to attend the Ryan Hardy Experience. I am now having a great season and expect to play prep school hockey next year. Thank you to Dr. Wolfe and HSS for getting me back in the game and back to doing what I love to do most.