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Spencer Ballot

Amawalk, NY
  • Spencer Ballot in the photo 1

After my (unbelievably amazing given the conditions) experience at HSS and with Dr. Dines, I think the best thing to do is share the email I sent Dr. Dines a year after surgery.

"Hey Dr. Dines-

Today is a year since surgery. I just want to take the time to say thank you for everything you've done. Aside from physically giving me the chance to play again, you've been more supportive, positive and willing to help than I ever could have asked for. Whether it be casually responding to an email or calling me on your cell phone on a Friday night, I want you to know how much I, and my family, appreciate it.

I'm back to 100% on the mound with all my pitches working and am starting to face live batters. I should be in a game within the month. The elbow feels great (stronger than ever) and everything seems to feel good.

A year ago I promised myself that I would be back for my sophomore year and I am definitely on track to be there, thanks to you.

I'll keep you updated as I keep moving along and as I get into games, and of course if I feel anything out of the ordinary. Thank you again.

I hope all is well with you."