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Soozan Baxter

New York, NY
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In June 2010, I was running and was hit by a car. I was brought as a Jane Doe to Bellvue Hospital, and eventually my family was notified. After a day there, everyone realized it was not a place to be treated for major injuries, and several people did research, with roads leading us to Dr. Dean Lorich. Dr. Lorich was dubbed "Dr. Rockstar." After being transferred to his care, he fixed my tibia plateau fracture and distal radius. I was in the hospital for almost a month and did not walk for almost four months. The PT and OT were so difficult: I could not hold a toothbrush, I was wheelchair bound, I was in pain. Dr. Lorich promised me great results if I put in the work. Tough love was what I needed, and Dr. Lorich brought me back to life. When I finally walked, I hugged him and cried tears of joy.

Two years later, I was able to have the metal that was in my leg taken out. While a seemingly simple surgery, it was harder than I had imagined in that it was painful and walking was hard. Within a month, I had never felt better.

Five years after the accident, and many yoga sessions a week, my knee was starting to bother me. I saw my lifesaver Dr. Lorich again. He had done what he could with my broken bones, but now it was time to see Dr. DiFelice. Dr. DiFelice performed surgery on my torn meniscus and looked at my early arthritis. The surgery was simple and pain free. I only took one painkiller more out of fear of the pain post-surgery, but it was absolutely not needed. Six weeks later, I am feeling great, and I know that I will be back to yoga, walking, and everything else soon enough.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Lorich and Dr. DiFelice. If someone needs surgery, go to the best. They are the most phenomenal surgeons and take their practices very seriously. I know many people who have had my same injuries and had to have multiple (corrective) surgeries to fix problems. My doctors know what they are doing, teach others, and got it perfectly right the first time around. And as for NY Presbyterian/HSS, the nurses are phenomenal, the PT department is fantastic, and even the doormen and guards are great.

NYC is lucky to have such a wonderful healthcare facility, and every day I am thankful that I was treated there!

http://soozanbaxter.blogspot.com/ My blog when I was recovering