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Sonya Kennedy

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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So happy to be back in the game doing what I love best: my strength training.

After an unfortunate accident leading to a fractured non union scaphoid and not receiving the initial correct treatment, 15 months later I was told I needed a bone graft. After seeing quite a few specialists in Australia, I was told the only way this could be done was taking bone from my hip and a screw fixed to the scaphoid bone which had formed cysts. This meant no upper body training as well as no lower body workouts for a long time as well as not being able to work as a personal trainer in my gym, Taut To Tone Fitness Studio. That was never going to happen so now it was up to me.

I searched the internet and found Dr. Scott Wolfe. I emailed him and promptly received a reply saying he was able to help me and pending seeing my scans felt he would be able to perform a local graft from my wrist. The best news ever!! The communication, support and encouragement I received from Dr Wolfe, his staff and the team at HSS helped to make my decision easy....I was off to New York!!

Dr Wolfe and the team at HSS were amazing, surgery went well and from that day I knew I was on my way to full recovery. The hospital and staff were extremely thorough, everything was explained to me and I felt very comfortable and confident that I was in good hands.

With only two weeks away with my stay in New York I returned to work. With follow up advice via email from Dr Wolfe I was doing really well and post surgery, I was finally pain free.

It’s now 18 months since my surgery. I’m stronger than ever, and I’m so proud of myself that when I was told so many times that it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t accept that and I never gave up finding a doctor who confidently told me of course it could. Life is about making things happen and it always motivates me when people say it can't be done, finding Dr. Wolfe proved it could!!

If this post helps anyone who is struggling with an injury or having a tough time remember these things make us stronger, help us grow and improve our compassion and understanding for others. Dr Wolfe gave me back what I love most, my training. My wrist feels awesome, full range of movement, no pain and the finest incision line of a trophy that I have to look for to remind me how fortunate I am to have found such an amazing doctor.