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Sofia Cohen

Mexico City, Mexico
  • Sofia Cohen in the photo 1
  • Sofia Cohen in the photo 2

In January 2017 I had my first fall in the field. The diagnosis was a clavicle fracture. Three months later, the solution was to perform surgery. Six months after this I had a second surgery to remove the plate and nails. With much effort I was able to return to the field.

In January 2018 I had my second impact, the fracture was not displaced but even so the doctor's decision was to perform a third surgery. Eight months later I had a fourth surgery to remove the material, again. By this time my mood and strength were very low. Even so, did my best to return to the field.

In December 2018, without making any more effort, my clavicle broke in half. I was devastated and could not understand what was happening. My biggest frustration was that I was going to miss my international soccer tournament again for which I had worked for years.

In January 2019 I was fortunate to be attended by Dr. Frank Cordasco and his wonderful team. Thanks to them I was able to participate in my tournament in July of the same year and return to the field for good.

Their support, professionalism and humane treatment in all aspects meant everything and were essential for my recovery. They gave me back my health, and the opportunity to continue with my passion that is soccer.

I have no words to thank you for what you did for me. I will be infinitely grateful. I also want to thank Lady Pérez from the HSS International Center for her constant support and empathy.

Sofia Cohen