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Smita Vadakekalam

Brooklyn, NY
  • Smita Vadakekalam in the photo 1

I ruptured my achilles tendon while trying to get back into playing tennis. I went to the emergency room and got the diagnosis along w/ some crutches. That weekend I had to travel to Ohio to speak at a conference of the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy. In the front row of my presentation was a Development officer from HSS. She asked me about my injury and recommended HSS and speaking with Dr. Scott Ellis. I immediately took her recommendation and got an appointment that week. We had a surgery scheduled shortly after. Dr. Ellis was great, and kept me informed about the injury and steps for post-recovery. The surgery was great, recovery was what I expected. I was back a year later running. I trained and ran a half marathon 1 year after the surgery. Dr. Ellis specifically said he made sure the tendon was stronger than before. I'm grateful for that experience at HSS.