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Skylar B.

New York, NY
  • Skylar B. in the photo 1

I had a growth on my femur and it got big and I started having pain behind my right leg every night. I went the HSS and had an x-ray and Dr. Doyle saw bubbles in the x-rays. Then Dr. Doyle told me I had to have an MRI that was 45 minutes long. She found a really big growth on my femur. Dr. Doyle said I needed surgery. I had a 4 hour surgery and I wore a cast for three weeks and was also in a wheelchair for three weeks. Then I had to use crutches and did PT with Yukiko. Yukiko was awesome and I loved working with her. I did PT for 3 months and lots of exercises to help my right femur heal. Now I am playing tennis, don't have to use a wheelchair or crutches, and am done with PT. I miss PT - it was so fun! Thank you so much Yukiko for helping me though everything! Thank you Dr. Doyle SO SO SO SO SO much for helping me have surgery and fixing my bone. Thank you HSS for having me! Thank you so much!