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Sherry Nehmer

New York, NY

I brought my aging, painful back to HSS and placed it in the hands of an HSS physiatrist. She and her staff were relentless in searching for a means of relief for me through various up-to-date medical procedures and physical therapy. But that's just the start of the story -- one of the most important parts is the nursing staff at HSS. Never in my life have I encountered such depth of skill, intelligence and sincere caring as I have with each and every one of the nurses. I'm not exaggerating; from pre-procedure check-ins to recovery room, every nurse I encountered was at the top of her or his game. I knew I was in good hands. The combination of skillful direction from my physiatrist and her associates, the hands-on talents of Betty Chow at the Integrative Care Center, where I receive physical therapy, and most especially the care given by terrific nurses have not only improved my physical condition, but have made me an advocate for HSS. Great work, everyone.