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Sharon Boone Wright

Hoboken, NJ
  • Sharon Boone Wright in the photo 1

I had my second Total Knee Replacement at HSS on June 2. The first, on my right knee, was done two years earlier, with good results. But that knee was in worse shape prier to surgery. This time, my stay at the hospital was a day shorter--just 3 nights--for which I was glad because I wanted to be home in time to vote in the New Jersey Primary. Too many people have fought and died for the right to vote for me to ever take it for granted. I came home on Sunday evening. Election day was that Tuesday. I am happy and grateful and proud to say that five days after my knee replacement, with the help of my husband Darren, I walked the one block to my polling place and cast my ballot. Yes, I was all about the GameReady ice machine the rest of the day and night and I may have had to take a pain pill later on, but the sense of accomplishment was worth it.

Thanks to Dr. Kinderknecht for getting me to a good point before surgery, and to Dr. Mayman and his team for the outstanding job of replacing my knee. I have a long way to go in my recovery, but these first steps were amazing. For now, just call me, "Have Cane Will Travel"